About Amanda

AmandaAfter a long background in special-needs teaching, lecturing and middle-management, I began to feel the stresses and tensions from the ever-increasing targets and demands of my position, and to display signs of insomnia and stress-related symptoms. I had practiced yoga for many years and noticed afterwards that my energies would shift to a more deeper sense of calmness and an all-round feeling of upliftment towards the end of each session. These feelings slowly diminished throughout my working week as the stress-levels increased, thus creating a cyclic pattern. At that point, I realised major life changes and decisions had to be made before I became really ill. It was a cathartic moment for me, I resigned my position and embarked on a totally new and exciting path, and I have never looked back.

I have been exploring, practicing and studying yoga, holistic therapies, psychic intuition, clairvoyance and body healing for 30 years. My interest and experience in this area has grown and evolved, and continues to do so, through running regular psychic development workshops and attending training courses and seminars.

Holistic and Health Training

  • Health and Hygiene Certificate (UK) 1994
  • Swedish Lymphatic Drainage and Therapeutic Massage 1993,  International Training Education Council (ITEC)
  • Reflexology 1994,  International Training Education Council (ITEC)
  • Diploma in Business and Management Studies, 1997, De Montfort University, Nottingham (UK)
  • Diploma in Dru Yoga and Meditation Training 2008, International School of Dru Yoga (UK)
  • Advanced Cellular Healing, Pathways to the Light Foundation, (NZ) 2015
  • Red Cross First Aid Certificate
  • Diploma in Naturopathy, 2016 (UK)

Workshops and Development

  • Spiritual Development Circle, Spiritualist Church, Boston Lincs, UK, 1992-1994
  • Ann Rynbeck, Spiritual Medium, Level 1, Spiritual Development, Connecting With Spirit, 2014
  • Ann Rynbeck, Spiritual Medium, Level 2, Advanced Workshop, Working With Spirit, 2014
  • Cavan Boyle, Level 1 Psychic Ability and Awareness, 10 week course, 2014
  • Claire Douglas, Angel Awareness and Card Reading Workshop, 2015
  • Cavan Boyle, Level 2 Advanced Psychic And Mediumship Development, Connecting With Spirit, Spiritual Growth, 10 week course, 2015
  • Meditation Development Circle, 2014-2016
  • Ann Rynbeck, Spiritual Development Circle

Health and Awareness Seminars

  • “Living a Happy and Healthy Life in a Modern World”, Ben Warren, July 2015
  • Teal Swan, “Synchronisation Workshop”, Jan 2016
  • Dr Bruce Lipton PhD, “Cell Biology and Epigenetics”, April 2016
  • David Icke, “World Wide Awake Tour”, August 2016
  • Dr Bruce Lipton PhD, “Evolution Process”, March 2017
  • Dr Wayne McCarthy (Naturopath). “Discussion about Ozone Therapy”, July 2017