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Original Nag Champa Non-toxic Incense Sticks

Introducing a subtle and mild aroma for meditation or ambience. Releasing a subtle fragrant smoke when burned.

Therapeutic benefits:

For meditation
reduces stress,
increases focus
promotes concentration
relaxes and unwinds
raises serotonin in the brain
acts as a natural air freshener



$3.00 each


Cotton Eye Pillows (below) and Separate Heat Pads


Perfect for use during yoga, pilates, meditation or for relaxation at home. I have specifically made each one different for your comfort. The organic rice fillings varies between light and heavy, to suit your personal preference.

The eye pillows offer therapeutic benefits.They are an effective way to relieve a headache, migraine or to relax tired eyes by blocking out the light.

The weighted eye pillows stimulate the vegus (cranial) nerve by sending signals to your brain to help lower your heart rate and to regulate your mood.

How To Use:
The rice eye pillow can be placed in the freezer or the microwave (5-10 seconds depending on your microwave).

They can be used during relaxation time, and especially in your yoga or pilates class.

Eye Pillow : $13.00 each

Why not buy two – one for home and one for yoga or to gift someone

$24.00 for two

I bring the eye pillows and heat pads to my yoga class (more colours available) if you would like to purchase one for yourself or gift to someone.

Heat Pad (22.5 x 10cm) : $15.00 each