Chakra Energy Balancing And Alignment

Energetic Frequencies

We all have an energy field called an aura. In yogic terms, we call them the koshas. There are seven main layers arranged concentrically around our physical body. Each level of the energetic field emphasises the importance of the chakras, where energy exchanges take place.

Since everything is energy, all healing involves energy, and healing works purely with the energetic levels of our being. Although the healing works directly with energy, it will still influence the mind and its life-force. Energy healing can work alongside and complement other holistic therapies and areas of spiritual development, for it becomes attuned to the many layers and parts which make up the conscious mind, body and soul.

One way of understanding and tuning into our energy levels is to learn about the chakras. Please refer to my page about the Chakras for more information.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed
It can only be changed from one form to another
Albert Einstein
Lotus pose

Energy is all around us. It connects us to one another and connects us to the universe. We can tune into our energetic levels to detect when we are feeling tired or have lots of energy. Every day is different for all of us.

Working with the chakras

I work intuitively and can sense low vibrations of the chakras. I use various healing and balancing techniques, depending on your energetic vibration to detect certain slow moving energy spots and in doing so, I assess the flow of energy within your energy field. Once a blockage is detected the flow of energy is then balanced, aligned and redirected so that it runs evenly throughout the body to help maintain and restore your energy levels.

Your session with me

Each session is specifically customised to promote the right balance of energy work and holistic healing. My approach is non invasive as there is no need to remove your clothes. The process may involve gentle tapping on your body to open up your chakras which enables me to restore them to their natural flow and rhythm. The session may also involve clearing blockages from your muscles and aura field.

Based upon your individual needs, the session may incorporate the use of crystals, crystal healing bowls, affirmations or a pendulum.  You may  also be  invited to participate in a simple visualisation exercise alongside using pranayama (a yoga term for breath work).

How will I feel afterwards?

After a chakra balancing session you will feel more relaxed, happier, energised and definitely more grounded.

What happens to my body if my chakras are  blocked?

Unbalanced or blocked chakras could lead to certain physical and emotional imbalances, blockages or even illness. Generally, people know when they feel a little `out of sorts`. If this lasts for a long period of time them the energy vortices may be blocked or out of balance. Another factor to consider is the impact upon the body from the environment. Our chakras can become out of alignment through being exposed to excessive pollution (including noise pollution), being around negative people, stress, certain foods and drink. In fact, anything which may upset the natural flow and balance of the body could indeed cause energy blockages. We generally know the answer to how we feel  by tapping into our intuition – the answer usually comes from within.

Everything is energy
Albert Einstein




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