I Love Trees!

I have always felt a connection and an overwhelming curiousity about trees. As a child, I climbed them, cried in them, told them my secrets, swung like a monkey in them, picnicked in them, and also slept in them. As I grew older, I started to connect with trees on a deeper and more spiritual level through meditation.

Trees are very spiritual. They are a conduit between the earth and heavens above – deeply connected to the soil with their “steadfast” roots, their centered trunk and finger branches reaching towards the sun, stars and the universe. Something really deep and personal happens when you place your palms on a tree. It’s as if the tree is telling you all the things they have seen and experienced throughout their lifespan. I often wonder what other stories a tree can tell about the people and animals who have visited and sat underneath their protection.

I also love the unique presence and beauty of trees, having always been fascinated by their strength, endurance and stability, and how they bounce back from the destructive forces of nature and its elements.

My Favourite Tree

The widest-girth oak tree is said to be over 1,000 years old. When I lived in Lincolnshire, UK, I had the privilege of visiting and connecting with this actual tree at Bowthorpe Park in Bourn, Lincolnshire. It is now showing signs of old age, with the weight of its heaviest boughs being supported by chains.

Below is my photo montage of an oak tree in Silverton, Devon, UK, where I used to sit frequently and meditated to connect with the tree’s energies. It was situated in a recreational area, where I used to take my daughter when she was young. This tree has an enormous presence about it, and it is hugely admired and respected by all from the village community. The tree is still going strong today.

Silverton Oak Tree

Alone with myself
The trees bend to caress me
The shade hugs me heart.
Candy Polgar