With the hectic and pace and demands on modern day living people may feel, from time to time  signs of feeling stressed, tired, over-worked and experience depleted  energy levels.

So why meditate?

People meditate for all kinds of reasons. For me, it expands my perceptions so I am able to think  more clearly, it helps to balance my mind and I am able to plan my daily activities with more direction and clarity. I also meditate daily to align and balance my chakras and energies.

During my 4 year yoga training I practised and learned various breathing, visualisation and mindfulness meditation techniques to use as  `tool box` to help me to gain more clarity and focus on what I was doing

My approach is more holistic, focusing on the mind, body and the higher self. There are many variations of how to meditate and you will be guided through one which you will feel comfortable with. These exercises, with regular practice will show you how to become the master of your own mind. For more information, please refer to my page on Dru Yoga numbers 5-7.


Each meditation exercise is different. We begin with ascertaining your personal requirements. A general meditation format will always begin with relaxation and breathing exercises to settle your energies and prepare yourself for the meditation. You will then be guided through a meditation exercise. Some examples of an exercise we may choose are:

  • Mindfulness (Bring you into the present moment).
  • Creative visualisation (for example- Stress relief, letting go, connecting with your higher self, connecting with your guides)
  • Chakra alignment and balancing)

You do not have to meditate for an hour or so, there are no rules. A simple 10-15 meditation or some introspection (quiet time alone) can easily help to overcome stress related issues and to allow you the time to balance your energies to help you through your day. It does not have to be in a quiet room with the curtains drawn. Other ways to accommodate meditation into your daily routine is to go for a walk on the beach, or connect with nature or your pets. The key is to find something that works for you which allows you to switch off from the daily buzz for a few moments to recharge and to give yourself some free time.