The Chakras

The word chakra comes from an ancient Indian language known as Sanskrit. The term chakra means spinning wheel and it is said that there are around 88,000 present in the human body. Most of them cannot be seen with the human eye as they are so small.

The chakras are the major energy centers (vortices) in our body where energy flows through and in which the whole of our being is represented. They are cone-shaped spirals which spin continually in a clockwise direction. Each chakra is systematically related to each other. When a chakra is out of balance, its colour changes to a dark muddy brown. The natural energy flow of our body will become out of balance and these blockages can lead to illness, often affecting our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being. There are many ways to help re-align, balance and unblock the chakras and this does not always entail practicing yoga, meditation or spiritual development. The daily chakra exercises below would benefit people who do not wish to participate in any or all of the three suggestions above.

During my yoga and meditation training, we learned about 14 main chakras, as well as the nadis and their connections with the chakras. For the purpose of my healing practice, I focus on the 9 main chakras. The two extra sets of chakras are based in the sole of the feet and are light-brown in colour. These connect to the base chakra (red). The second set are situated in the palm of the hands. These are also red in colour and are connected to the heart-center (green). You will find some healers, including myself, during their practice gently rubbing their palms together to activate the chakras whilst visualising a connection with the three upper main chakras, which are the heart, the third eye and crown centers.

Daily Chakra Exercises

Here are some exercises and tips to help balance your seven primary chakras and energy centres without using meditation or yoga (asana) postures. If practicing yoga, these will assist you. Aim to do at least one from each chakra base daily. It is advisable to drink plenty of water (about two litres a day) to help flush away the toxins. I hope you will enjoy them!


BASE CHAKRA (Mooladhara – “root place”) foundation of your being and survival.

Base Chakra

COLOUR: Red Note: F I AM a conscious life experience.
HOW TO ENERGISE: Take a warm bath, have a Massage or Reflexology. Go for a walk.Stamp your feet to improve your circulation. Eat high protein foods. Take supplements including Zinc to promote brain focus and activity.
YOGA ASANA(S): The warrior(s), Earth Sequence.
HEALTH ISSUES: Joint pain, lower backache, elimination problems, poor immune system
HEALING FOODS: Red coloured foods- apples, beetroot, capsicum, red hot spices, paprika. Lots of root vegetables animal protein (organic) and eggs.
WHEN IN BALANCE: A sense of well being and wholeness. Contentment, physical survival, vitality, stability, material success, grounding, energy.
CRYSTALS: Black obsidian, black tourmaline, smoky quartz, garnet


SACRAL CHAKRA (Swadhisthana – “dwelling place of self”) Relationships, Sensuality, Sexuality, acceptance, ego.

Sacral Chakra

COLOUR: Orange Note: C I AM where I need to be.
HOW TO ENERGISE: Dancing and free movement. Belly dancing in particular.
YOGA ASANA(S): Tadasana (Mountain Posture) Cobblers pose, Forward bend, Moon Sequence.
HEALTH ISSUES: Lack of flexibility, sciatica, lower back pain, large intestine, low sex drive
HEALING FOODS: Orange foods. Tangerines, oranges, capsicum. Raw nuts (any kind).
WHEN IN BALANCE: Ability to be confident and in control of our lives. Enhances self worth and self esteem, new ideas, passion, endurance and sexual energy.
CRYSTALS: Orange calcite, carnelian, blue-green turquoise.


SOLAR CHAKRA (Manipura – “shining jewel”) Energy level, emotions, self confidence and intellectual understanding.

Solar Chakra

COLOUR: Yellow Note: G I AM on the right path.
HOW TO ENERGISE: Increased activity. Swimming, Sport, Cycling
YOGA ASANA(S): Sitting Spinal Twist, Sun Salutation, Vitality Sequence
HEALTH ISSUES: Diabetes, hypoglycaemia, gallstones, nervousness, low energy, lumbar spine discomfort, liver disorders
HEALING FOODS: Yellow foods. Capsicum, banana, sweetcorn, grains, fibre peppermint and chamomile tea.
WHEN IN BALANCE: Control of your life, confidence, humour and self-worth, personal power, authority, identity and personality
CRYSTALS: Citrine, yellow jasper, amber, tiger’s eye.


HEART CHAKRA (Anahata – “flawless”) Self Worth, Unconditional Love, KINDNESS

Heart Chakra

COLOUR: Green Note: D I AM, I love
HOW TO ENERGISE: Connect with friends and loved ones. Help someone out. Buy or pick some flowers for your house or someone you love/care about. Make a cup of tea for someone unexpectedly!
YOGA ASANA(S): Maltese Cross, Cow Face, Inner Fire Sequence, DRU Anahatna Heart Sequence
HEALTH ISSUES: Hypertension, breathing difficulties, circulation, shortness of breath, tension between the shoulders.
HEALING FOODS: Green food. Capsicum, courgettes, leafy vegetables, spinach, peas, beans and green tea
WHEN IN BALANCE: Forgiveness, sharing, loving kindness, openness, compassion, emotions, love, understanding
CRYSTALS: Rose quartz, green aventurine, green jade, malachite.


THROAT CHAKRA (Vishuddhi – “purify”) Communication skills, Creativity, self expression.

Throat Chakra

COLOUR:Sky Blue or purple Note: A I AM confident in my self-expression.
HOW TO ENERGISE: Singing. Chanting. Socialise, Join a club/organisation.
YOGA ASANA(S): Bridge, Half Shoulder Stand (using the wall)
HEALTH ISSUES: Fever, weariness, thyroid and throat sensitivity, difficulty in communicating, blocked internal emotions, cervical spine sensitivity
HEALING FOODS: Juices and herbal teas.
WHEN IN BALANCE: Clarity of voice and resonance with the truth. Sound, communication, self-expression.
CRYSTALS: Sodalite, blue topaz.


BROW CHAKRA – THIRD EYE (Ajna – “awareness”) Purpose in life, knowledge, Intuition, Insight and Imagination, to `see` through vision

The Brow Chakra

COLOUR: Dark Blue Note: E I AM willing to trust my intuition.
HOW TO ENERGISE: Puzzles and crosswords. Cerebral games, board/Card games. Reading.
YOGA ASANA(S) Cobra, Reverse Bridge, Meditation-with a candle.
HEALTH ISSUES: Headaches, migraines, eye strain, pituitary and pineal gland sensitivity.
HEALING FOODS: Purple food. Grapes, blueberries, blackberries, beetroot, dark chocolate, pine nuts, lavender, herbal tea.
WHEN IN BALANCE: Intuition, vision, self-knowledge and insight, psychic power, spiritual awareness.
CRYSTALS: Amethyst, sapphire, clear quartz, fluorite, sodalite.


CROWN CHAKRA (Sahasrara – “enlightenment”) Practical Spirituality, Knowledge and Understanding, Pure bliss, connection to the higher self

The Crown Chakra

COLOUR(S): Purple or White Note: B I AM love and light.
HOW TO ENERGISE: Expand upon your understanding and intellect.
ASANA(S): Cross Patterning warm ups, (Co-ordinations) Dog, Tadasana (Mountain   Posture). Visualisation, relaxation.
HEALTH ISSUES: Migraines, headaches, amnesia, nervous and muscular system disorders, Skin eruptions.
HEALING FOODS: Although a healthy all round diet will benefit the body as a whole, the crown chakra is more likely to benefit from breathing clean and fresh air,  and lots of sunshine.
WHEN IN BALANCE: For opening up to psychic energies, to connect with the higher self and the universe.
CRYSTALS: Amethyst, white topaz, clear quartz.


 Chakra Energy Affirmations

The three main upper chakras receive energy from the universe I understand
I see
I speak
The heart chakra is the central focus    I love
The three main lower chakras receive energy from the earth   I do
I feel
I am